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The Brand


Phi Gandy consistently strives to provide an uncompromising desire for creative hairstyles that bring out your natural and inner beauty. I pride myself on being one of Duluth's best black hair care master cosmetologists--which means that I do not only focus on the style of the hair, but also on the health AND growth. Infamous for our precision short hair, hair styles, color and natural hair styling, at Phi Gandy we take no short cuts.


Damaged hair? Losing hair? Alopecia? Ready for a new look? I offer services to compliment all of your hair care needs. With knowledge and professionalism, I am a trade of all, but especially known for corrective cuts, color and transition styles to meet your everyday lifestyle all while also providing you with a comfortable salon atmosphere. Our location is located in Duluth, Georgia and a twenty to thirty minute convenience to the city of Atlanta and surrounding areas. 


Whether you're new to the Duluth area or searching for a new hairstylist to properly treat and maintain your hair, Phi Gandy is here to cater to all your hair care needs and always accepting new clients! Please schedule your appointment TODAY!

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